The Book For Every Beekeeper

The Beekeepers Bible gives practical beekeeping advice, honey recipes, beeswax crafts, and a history of beekeeping. Every beekeeper will find valuable insights within it’s pages!

The Beekeeper’s Bible

This beekeeping guide is over 400 pages that are sure to keep every beekeeper’s interest. The content break down looks like this:

ContentsPage NumbersTotal Pages
Bees and Beekeeping History11-7867
Understanding The Honeybee79-15273
Practical Beekeeping153-266113
Honey And Other Bee Products267-30437
Recipes And Home Crafts305-39792
Table of Contents The Beekeepers Bible

Bees and Beekeeping History

The history of ancient beekeeping is fascinating. The Beekeepers Bible does an excellent job of showing the unique role the honeybee has played in human history. It shows the many cultures that have revered the honeybee and the reasons they did.

Gathering Honey, Tomb of Rekhmire 1479–1425 B.C.

Understanding The Honeybee

The honeybee is a unique bee. After reading through these pages you will understand what makes them so different. Here you will learn their lifecycle, social lives, what they produce, and where they thrive.

Honeybee Queen checking empty cells on a brood comb.

Practical Beekeeping

Here you will find what you expect. You will learn the different types of traditional hives, such as the Langstroth design. Beekeeping equipment is discussed, and you will also learn of the diseases and pests that plague the honeybees and how to guard against them. If you wish to expand your apiary into a commercial operation, The Beekeepers Bible will point you in the right direction.

Green Hives (Right): Modified National design
Orange/Green (Left): WBC design

Honey And Other Bee Products

Did you know honeybees produce more than just honey? The Beekeepers Bible tells about the 6 products of the bee hive. From propolis, to the honeybee’s venomous sting, you will learn about them all and how to benefit from them.

A local beekeeper selling honey and beeswax candles.

Recipes And Home Crafts

From the classic honey roast ham, to the delicious honey scones, The Beekeepers Bible is a treasure trove of sweet, savory recipes. Included are over 90 pages of meals, desserts, and drinks to be made, as well as useful crafts such as beeswax furniture polish and horticultural grafting wax.

Morning honey lemon tea

Where To Get Your Copy?

Whether you are in need of a gift for the beekeeper in your life, or you are looking for reading material about honeybees and beekeeping, The Beekeepers Bible is sure to please. You can get a copy on Amazon.